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Wedding songs that Bollywood gave us

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Bollywood has given us so many songs, but there are few ones on which we dance to its tunes on even weddings. Not only dance songs but also some of them are very heart touching like laadki , dilbaro, etc. Slide to see what according to us are the best wedding songs that Bollywood gave us.

1. Kabira Encore

“Bano re Bano meri chali sasural ko ankhiyon main paani de gyi”

This song is more than than a song. Its peace, it’s a hope that darkness is just temporary. How beautifully these lines are portrayed that a bride goes to her Sasural leaving everyone in her family with watery eyes.

2. Nachde ne saare

“Nachde ne saare ral-mil ke

Aaj hil-dul ke

Le saare ke saare nazare”

This song is crazy. One actually groove to these Punjabi beats. The lines are so true. Dance like no one is actually watching. And yes dancing with everyone indeed gives a different kind of vibe.

3. Mahi Ve

“Chanda meri chanda tujhe kaise main yeh samjhaaoon

Mujhe lagti hai tu kitni pyaari re

Mujhe lagti hai tu kitni pyaari re

O khushiyaan jitni hain, sab dhoond dhoondke laaoon

Teri doli ke sang kar doon saari re”

The song is full of energy to groove on. But, these lines are really heart-touching full of emotions and feelings. This is a perfect example of how a mother feels about her daughter’s wedding. It is really sad to bid goodbye to your daughter.

4. Navrai Majhi

“Navrai chali sharmati, ghabrati woh

Piya ke ghar itlathi balkathi woh”

What a song! Nothing better for the wedding. She walks going crazy, shy, feeling embarrassed. This is a song where everyone at home can have full fun and entertainment.

5. Din Shagna Da

“Dholna ve, Dholna ve

Ranjhan Mahi dholna

Dholna ve, dholna ve

Heer jogni dholna”

From entering to simply walking down the aisle, this is a song every girl wants this song to be played at her wedding. This song is normally played mostly during Punjabi weddings when the bride is walking to the mandap all set to get married to her groom. The lyrics of the song speak about the feelings of the to be wedded bride in such a beautiful manner.

6. Dilbaro

“Baba main teri mallika

Tukda hoon tere dil ka

Ikk baar phir se dehleez paar karaa de”

Until now there are many songs for mother, but really limited songs for father. This is a really beautiful song by a daughter to father. Dad, I am your princess and a part of your heart.

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